Abu Dhabi's Warner Bros. indoor amusement park opens in July

Abu Dhabi's new Warner Bros. indoor amusement park opens in July as massive Dubai park faces $300 million shortfall

Apr 18, 2018

Britain's famed Queen Elizabeth 2 ship now a hotel in Dubai

Britain's famed Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship will finally open as a floating luxury hotel moored off Dubai nearly a decade after her last ocean...

Apr 17, 2018

Saudi Arabia's Red Sea divers explore freedoms off the coast

Saudi Arabia has the longest coastline of any country along the Red Sea, and the kingdom's nascent tourism industry is betting on the clear, blue...

Mar 25, 2018

Fresh twist for UAE diners as oysters thrive in warm waters

In the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, long home to pearl oysters, a new type of oyster is thriving _ the edible kind

Feb 14, 2018

Ancient temple left neglected as Yemen war threatens history

Ancient temple left sand-strewn as Yemen war threatens historical sites in Arab world's poorest country

Feb 8, 2018

Turkey says it's met EU criteria for visa-free travel to EU

A senior official says Turkey has fulfilled all 72 requirements set by the European Union to secure visa-free travel for Turkish citizens to the bloc

Feb 7, 2018

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